our mission

To be sustainable. We believe that the live performance industry doesn't have to rely solely on the support of government to be financially and culturally successful. Through empowering our artists and teams to make the expert decisions they've been hired to make, undertaking well-calculated commercial opportunities, and leveraging modern technologies for efficiency and productivity wherever possible, Theatremakers ventures to be an example of a growing, sustainable company whose primary revenue source is theatre

To be ethical. We believe that the passionate and hard-working individuals we engage with should be treated with the utmost respect. Their time, effort and expertise is our primary resource. Our artists, teams and stakeholders will always be treated equitably and transparently. 

To be engaging. We believe that theatre is for everyone - it's just that some people haven't seen theatre they like yet. Theatremakers is a production company - terminology designed to free us from prescriptive notions of theatre programming, allowing us to cater to audiences of all types. We strive to be champions of niche and under-served audiences, and to challenge existing notions of what theatre is and can be.